Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Better Lesson - Facebook for Lesson Plan Collaboration

I've been spending the last few hours uploading my Tech curriculum to the Better Lesson Website.  It's actually quite fun! Better Lesson is an easy-to-use social-networking tool that provides an online repository for Lesson Plans.  The site is set up similar to Facebook where you customize a teacher profile,  add colleagues, and send personal messages. (A Facebook for teachers that's actually useful for teachers!? Yeah baby!) Currently, there are thousands of users in all subject areas for you to "friend" or in this case, "colleague" (I'm not sure that "colleague" can be a verb yet...but it will be soon thanks to BL!).

In addition, Better Lesson creates an online database for all your lesson plans that are arranged within units and courses.  The database saves lesson plans as well as allows for uploads of your documents and worksheets (most formats are supported, including video).

For those of us teachers who want to keep all our material organized somewhere in the "Cloud," this may be a great alternative to all those flash drives you tend to carry around on your key ring.  In addition to storage, Better Lesson functions similarly to FaceBook in that it allows for some limited collaboration options such as allowing visitors to post comments. There's also an option for visitors to "LIKE" (yes, very facebooky) your lessons and documents and to Download your lesson plan and docs in a .zip format. Of course, there are privacy settings should you not want to share your lessons to the whole world.

Green Dot is quickly adopting this platform as an online collaboration site and online repository of lesson make sure you check it out.

Best part: It's Free for GD teachers, don't you just LOVE open-source, web 2.0?
Sign up today. It takes a day or two for the admin to approve you as a member associated with Green Dot Public Schools.

Don't forget to ADD me as a colleague! 
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