Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Classroom Timers

Everyone knows that good classroom management skills go hand in hand with good classroom time management.  I created these timers a couple of years ago and have used them religiously since then. Yeah, I know that they're not as fancy-shmancy as some of the ones that you can buy from a third party vendor, but they'll certainly keep time.

  • FREE!
  • PowerPoint Editable and Customizable
  • Small File Size
  • Sound
  • Space to write text for WARM UP / INSTRUCTIONS / REMINDERS
  • Prevents students from staring at the screen since these timers don't have second-by-second countdowns (I've noticed kids staring at my screen when I used the real countdown timers!)
  • Use the TURN TIMERS for GROUP WORK such as Numbered Heads or Think-Write-Pair-Share

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