Monday, August 23, 2010

NetSupport is a classroom friend, NOT a foe.

If you are like me, your jaw dropped when you discovered Netsupport School. If you use NETSUPPORT SCHOOL or similar Student Desktop Management tool in your classroom, don't fall into the pitfall of using it simply as a discipline tool. I believe that it's more important to introduce and establish this software as part of your culture in your tech class. Students should understand that this is a teaching tool, NOT merely a discipline tool. It is in place to facilitate their learning, to make things easier for both student and teacher, not just to enforce your classroom rules. Be transparent and candid about the purpose of this type of management software and your students will learn to use it as a tool, rather than something punitive. I've used this lesson plan to present these objectives in a fun demonstration that allows students to see how you can use each of the features of Netsupport to manage this classroom. Students who are able to see and understand its use as a system in your class are less likely to become frustrated with it later. If you are unfamiliar with NETSUPPORT. Visit this website:

1. Become familiar to the Classroom Management Software, NetSupport.
2. Rehearse procedures for teacher facilitated instruction through netsupport.
3. Rehearse proper Computer Etiquette/Netiquette
4. Log on and check email.

Lesson Plan
Warm Up (10 Minutes of Silence):
Students will practice saving conventions from yesterday. Open MS WORD
Write 1 paragraph (5-6 sentences) about your favorite chicken dish. Describe it well enough that it will make you hungry.
Save using the convention
The activity is called: practicesaving, please save it the correct way.

Anticipatory Set: Magic Hat:
Teacher picks students by picking names from a Magic Hat. Teacher will ask various students to write the correct file name for each activity suggested. Students will write response on the board.

Lecture: NetSupport
Teacher will introduce students to NetSupport ( Software. For today only, the Teacher will project the NETSUPPORT tutor screen so that students can see the interface.
Students will take notes from the PowerPoint.

The following are all different demonstrations. A great way to implement these in an open forum are to ask students how they think a Teacher would use these tools.

Activity and Demonstration (NETSUPPORT):1. Collect Work based on Filename.
Students will open their My Documents folder to watch their work get collected by NetSupport. (Netsupport will collect the file from their computers, the file should disappear) Immediate feedback is given by the instructor should their file not disappear from the Documents folder.

Activity and Demonstration (NETSUPPORT): 2. Lock Screens for Attention
Teacher models and reminds students of the countdown procedure. When on the computer, the countdown signal will be followed by a lock screen. Students are to react in an appropriate manner when this occurs.

Activity and Demonstration (NETSUPPORT): 3. Class Activity Timer.
In addition to the Front Screen Timers, Mr. Aguda may place an unobtrusive timer on your screens. Students are asked to locate the ticking timer on their screens.

Activity and Demonstration (NETSUPPORT): 4. Locked Screen Individual
Why would a teacher want to block just 1 Student's screen? Students can provide their own explanations. Teachers can choose to lock individual student screens to get a student's attention. This is demonstrated here.

Activity and Demonstration (NETSUPPORT): 5. Demonstrate onto EVERYONE'S computer.
Teacher opens up MS Word and then displays their screen onto everyone else's screens.

Activity and Demonstration (NETSUPPORT): 6. Student demonstration to everyone's screen.
Teacher chooses a student's screen to display to all screens in the classroom. Teacher asks the displaying student to SHOW and tell us, using his mouse and cursor, how to correctly save this file.

Activity: EMAIL Tutorial and Worksheet
 (Or any other Activity that you may have for students to rehearse NETSUPPORT procedures.
Students will receive their email assignments (Google Apps), login to the email system, and perform several tasks as explained on the worksheet. Throughout the activity, the instructor will use NETSUPPORT to interrupt, demonstrate, etc. 

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