Thursday, August 26, 2010

School of One: Individualized Instruction for every student

There's some buzz happening in the boroughs of New York City. Last year, MS131 piloted "School of One," a creative way to tackle the difficult challenge of providing differentiated instruction for our students who all learn differently. Central to their plan is the concept of "The Learning Algorithm" that analyzes student data  and academic progress, as well as teacher survey input, student survey input, and parent survey input to design a customized learning schedule for the student. The learning schedule exposes the student to various learning modalities and constantly adjusts this based on what is most successful for him or her. The algorithm pulls from a giant learning bank of activities to customize the learning day for each student.

And get does this every day for every student.

Better than letting me explain it. Check out their informational videos. It will be interesting to see if this program is sustainable. It's amazingly creative and from the looks of it, teachers are excited and have bought into this new learning model. Those are GREAT starting points for success in implementing school-wide pilots. My ears and eyes are turned up...

Watch The Overview Video

See How MS131 Piloted this Program in the Summer of 09

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