Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Files wherever you go!

I use this free service EVERY DAY when I was a teacher at Animo Justice and now as a Tech Coordinator with Green Dot. It's a God-send!

What does it do? Basically imagine a folder on your computer that you can drop any file into. It's kind of like a "My Documents" Folder...but better! This Dropbox folder can sync with multiple computers as well as some mobile devices like your iPhone. Your files are with you wherever you go.

Last year I got really tired of hauling my Dell 620 laptop from school to home every night so I locked it down in my classroom and got Dropbox. When I got home I did all my lesson planning at my home computer (with the faster internet connection and unfiltered internet), creating PowerPoints and worksheets. When I got done, I dropped these files into my "DropBox" folder and let them quickly sync onto the internet. I went to bed at a nominal time. Getting to school the next morning, I booted up my computer and within a couple of minutes, all my files were synced to my laptop computer. Yup, it's great isn't it?

In addition, when I made a change to a file from my school laptop, it quickly sync'd the changes back on my home computer as well as any computer I installed Dropbox onto. Also, you can access your files from any computer with internet access. No more carrying around those flimsy flash drives!!

This video makes it very easy to understand! :)

Interested? Go to this link:

By using this referreral, you will get 2 GB of storage PLUS the bonus 250 MB of storage! (Plus it hooks me up with 250 MB) If you keep referring people on your own, the storage space can quadruple to 8 GB! :)

Even if you don't see yourself using this service (free by the way), sign up, install, then uninstall...do it for me -- I'm personally trying to get to 8GB :)


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