Friday, October 8, 2010


Portfolios are a fantastic way to showcase your student work in an organized manner. Many teachers keep folders or journals of completed classwork, but why not have students upload their own work to online portfolios? It's definitely a GREEN idea!

There are a number of online publishing sites on the web. One of my favorites is SCRIBD.COM. Here, students can sign up for their own accounts and start posting their documents online.  Many of these sites include flash apps that present, rather than link, the student's work. These presentations are playful (like turning the pages of a book or presenting each file as a book on a shelf) and are easily embeddable into blogs and social networking sites.  An example of an embedded flash app is below.

If having students create their own accounts seems like a daunting task, you can also create an account for your class and create a sort-of 'e-bulletin-board.' Where you can post student work throughout the year for the public to see.  Here's a great example of one from Leslie Lipton at Animo Inglewood

Leslie Lipton's Class Scribd Site

However you use it, please make sure to not post personal information of any student unless you can ensure that access is restricted. 

If you're using ePortfolios in your classroom, let me know! I'd love to come and see what you're doing to bring the classroom into the virtual world :)

Here's another great publishing site (it's a lot more flash heavy)

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