Tuesday, December 21, 2010

live@edu Test Environment!

I've just created a live@edu test environment.  We're going to pilot a test at Animo ODLH sometime this Spring, but I'd like you to check out the features of the product. While you won't have admin access, you can access the environment as a student. What I can tell you that it offers the same bulk-uploading features to add users as in Google Docs. But take that a step further in that it provides integration with our own network infrastructure, providing a SINGLE SIGN ON (SSO) for students. Students log into the animo domain with their own username and password from any computer on the network, which automatically connects them into the live@edu cloud and brings up their own customized desktop. They will also be connected to the live@edu cloud have access to their 25GB of skydrive, along with access online to the Office 2010 Web Apps (Outlook , Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and One Note) from any computer connected to the internet (even off of our network). These apps are already compatible with the Office software installed district-wide.

To log on:
First, email me: naguda@greendot.org and request a logon.

Third: Provide the credentials:
username: firstname.lastname@mraguda.com
temporary password: greendot2000

Fourth: Play!

All options are currently enabled. You can chat with anyone online at the moment through the contacts menu in outlook. In addition, the live.mraguda.com website allows for social media connectors and functions similarly to a social networking website (complete with status updates, friends, profile, etc.). Fill it out for fun! :)

So, please try it out, create docs, share docs, upload docs, update profile, chat, etc....give me feedback, ask me questions, etc. etc. and I will attempt to find an answer for you!!!

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