Thursday, December 2, 2010

Rest in Peace, Daddy.

Three years ago today my life unravelled and changed forever.

At 6:38pm on December 2, 2007, my dad lost his 3-month battle with Leukemia. I remember it like it was yesterday. I recall the smells, the tubes, the machines, the EKG, and the sound in the room when his heart stopped and the heart monitor read "ASYSTOLE."

My dad was my hero. Ever since he decided to fork over nearly $4000 in 1989 for an old Packard Bell 386 SX (Specs included a whopping 25MHz Processor, 256 KB of RAM, 20 MB Hard Drive, and a VGA Monitor), I've been into computers.

He taught me how to play with Basic Programing (GW-Basic from Microsoft) to create my own programs to how to make spreadsheets in LOTUS 1-2-3 that could magically calculate thousands of numbers all at the pressing of the enter key (Yeah, no mouse for my computer...yet) much to the chagrin of my Math teacher at the time.

I quickly surpassed my dad in computer knowledge (as most kids do these days) and I remember the day I installed a game-card into one of the available ISA SLOTS. Man, was my dad furious that I had opened up the chasis to a very expensive piece of equipment and installed a piece of hardware. But, could you blame a kid? I really wanted to play Wolfenstein 3D and I was really getting tired of using the cursor keys to navigate through the awesome 8-bit graphic "3D" mazes. This was and is the only first person shooter game I ever was really into.

My dad's last job was Finance Director for the City of Delano and hence a master at Excel Spreadsheets. He knew Pivot Tables and VLookups before Pivot Tables had it's own ICON on the Excel Toolbar. With the Click of a button, he started Macros that magically checked and referenced hundreds of other spreadsheet files and cells. His city financial reports were awarded for their awesomeness.

Yet, he never attended an award ceremony in his honor. My dad was the most humble, selfless person I've ever known, growing up in a large family and raising his brothers and sisters.  He even put most of them through college.

He was an amazing man and an amazing dad. He loved his life, his wife, his family.  I really miss him.

Take a moment today to remember and honor a family member (alive or passed) who has influenced your life because you never know how different your life may become...

Jay R Aguda

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