Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Office Assistant Training - Excel Sorting, Filtering and Mail Merges

UPDATE: Instructional Videos Can Be Found HERE

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Hello Everyone!
My name is Narciso Aguda and welcome to our teacher's blog. From here I'll post the important information for today's class, as well as links to the documents you will need for today's lesson.

Please return here every time you need a file or need to revisit today's objectives.

Today you will learn how to:

1. Apply single-level sorting to sort a particular set of data by one heading.
2. Apply multi-level sorting to sort a sat of data by more than one column heading.
3. Apply filters to hide unnecessary data.
4. Create form letters from an excel spreadsheet using the mail-merge function.
5. Create reminder slips  from an excel spreadsheet using the mail-merge function.

WARM UP (Anticipatory Set):
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Assignment Files:
1. Guided Instruction: LETTER MERGE      EXCEL FILE     WORD FILE

2. Individual Practice: DETENTION            EXCEL FILE     WORD FILE

3. Individual Practice: CAHSEE                   EXCEL FILE     WORD FILE

In addition, the handouts can also be found HERE

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