Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Win a part of $1M in Technology: Samsung Grant

Samsung and its partners are asking teachers to participate in its contest which will address a key academic challenge in our country: to increase the pursuit of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education. With Samsung and schools joining together, we’re looking to foster interest in these subjects among students and illustrate the practical impact applying these subjects can have.

Please contact me if you have some ideas and are interested in applying. I can help you develop your grant proposal and help you submit the application.

Click the Link Below to Apply!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Woogi World: Internet Safety in a Fun Way

Woogi World is a virtual networking technology used to teach students about cybersafety and related topics. It is a scalable online virtual educational platform that fosters peer-based, social interactive learning for today's students. The Woogi World site has sections for Kids, Parents, and Educators. Students can play Woogi World by creating their own "Woogi."

Before they can create a Woogi, Cyber Hero tells them that they need three things: A Parent Nearby; Parents' Permission; and a Parents' email address. Parents can manage their student's account and read about how Woogi World addresses Learning, Safety, Awards, and Upgrades. Educators can use the Woogi World Cyber Hero program for classroom instruction on Cyber Safety, Cyber Ethics, Cyber Security, and Cyber Health.

Yes, I know it's for Elementary students, but it's quite engaging and I've had fun on these training missions!  Try it out in your classroom!

Click Here to Visit WOOGI WORLD

Monday, September 12, 2011

Don't be afraid of a little Programming

So, you're a beginning developer...or maybe you've never written a line of code in your entire life.  Don't fear! Learn.  MSDN (MicroSoft Developer Network) has a free resource portal for you and your students to explore and learn programming.  Their premiere, student-learning development software (it's Free) is called SMALL BASIC and comes with tons of lesson plans and out-of-the-box programming that will get your students to write their own games in little to no time.  I remember taking a group of 15 girls from our school site to DigiGirlz at Microsoft Los Angeles and, while none of them had a lick of programming experience, were able to bust out with a game created from scratch in less than 2 hours.

Too much to learn you say?  Here are the benefits of learning and teaching programming to your students.

  • Logical Statements: Nothing teaches logical statements better than programming.  Students are required to think ahead and anticipate what the program will actually do for it to work. If, and, then statements, loops, etc will get their brain jogging!
  • Troubleshooting and Cause/Effect: Students must meticulously understand their coding language as they learn to debug code that they originally thought would work. 
  • Fun and Creative: There's no better driving force for intrinsic motivation that good work that provides instant feedback, programming does this.
  • Exposure to a career that will only explode! Without an exposure to programming languages students will not have access to or be aware of career paths that are quickly becoming the hottest and most in-demand jobs today and tomorrow.  
Check it out here!!