Monday, November 21, 2011

Speak Up Survey 2011

Good Morning Tech Teachers:

Karolina Gage’s technology class will be contributing to the Speak Up Survey, a nation-wide technology use and literacy survey facilitated by Project Tomorrow . I highly recommend you sign up your class and perhaps your school (if possible) to interact in the survey. A lot of the data they will be collecting will be useful to us in the future. I’m always excited to see new trends in Ed Tech emerge.

As an added bonus, the admin back-end will give you access to your school site’s data.

Here is the link:

Survey is up now until Dec 23. If you do participate, please let me know!!! Thanks a lot, Karolina for sharing!!!

O, just FYI to dispel confusion, this survey is NOT the EDTECH survey that you all will be taking in March.